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About – A marketplace where people and companies connect to sell and buy unique and highly discounted outlet/clearance goods. Marketing Intro (ENG)

The Big Problem with Outlet, Clearance and Overstock Trade

The first countries I explored for starting an outlet business were Serbia and Hungary, starting in 2014.

In both cases, I was able to cover the entire country in a couple of weeks (at least the parts that outlet stock buyers would be interested in).

You can’t do that in European Union.

Finding the perfect supplier in outlet stocks could take years of exploration in the region as big as EU—and thousands of miles of driving on your own—as you explore the endless options.

I know people who have explored all of EU outlet sellers on their own, and you need a lot of time and money…

But if your time is limited, or if you’re ready now to be on your way to a new outlet overstocks business, then there’s a better answer…

One that will get you on your way just as soon as you’re ready…

Come join our team for the all-new membership —an action-oriented database access that will make all of EU’s many outlet stock choices manageable and provide you the info of the 100 biggest outlet vendors in EU.

If you’ve had your eye on starting an outlet business with last year collection overstocks, this is the sure way to save time and money, while avoiding the mistakes and oversights that lead to hassle and stress…

Head here now to access your discounts and to get signed up: or WhatsApp/Viber +38765629266

P.S. As an active member, you won’t have to scout the internet and the countries for information… The world of outlet overstock secret deals will come to you.

We’ll have our top seller contacts, from every corner of the continent, bringing you the best deals out there.

Our legal team will be on hand to bring you up to speed on important issues.  database is a haven for entrepreneurs, who love the wide-open playing field and lack of officious regulation. The sellers list represent the most important and unbiased source of information you can find—and we’ve made sure you’ll get the full picture, warts and all.

Head here now to access to everything you need to get started.

Request your membership info package today via email or WhatsApp/Viber +38765629266


A marketplace where people and companies connect to sell and buy unique and highly discounted outlet/clearance goods

Returned and overstock inventory represents a $500 billion a year problem for retailers and implementing an efficient and outside-of-the-box solution is a must in today’s competitive environment. By combining technology with data-driven methods, is revolutionizing how organizations approach their excess merchandise.

OUR VISION vision is to revolutionize the liquidation business by applying world-class technology, analytics, and services that create efficiency, transparency and trust for both sellers and buyers.

OUR MISSION mission is to apply our unique capabilities to 1) help our clients improve their financial positions by increasing their recovery on excess inventory and 2) connect interested buyers from around the world directly with retailers and manufacturers selling excess inventory.


1. What is

It is an international B2B wholesale trading platform, listing wholesale buyers and sellers from all over Europe and USA, which provides an easy access to the information about the companies selling outlet overstocks, clearance stocks, liquidation stocks and overproduction end of line stocks. We do NOT sell items directly – this is an online platform to connect buyers and sellers, not a shop, so please do not ask us to show you the goods as this is a digital agency to connect buyers and sellers.

2. How does work?

In all industries, the retail companies are forced to sell their merchandise at the end of the season, in order to create liquidity for the new purchase of goods. In addition to the special items we have specialized in such goods and now have an excellent network of suppliers. This enables us to offer an excellent selection of various trade offers, to include but not limited to fashion industry footwear, apparel and accessories from Outlet Remnants, Ends of lines and collection, Overproduction, Bankrupt stocks, Warehouse liquidation stock closeouts and “Leftovers” from the normal trading which are no longer included in the product range sales.

FOR BUYERS: Suppliers with all the appropriate products on amazingly lowest prices at one place. FOR SELLERS: Easily empty your warehouse stock. 

3. How to improve your sales with EURO OUTLET?

Wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors, who are searching for new markets for their products, are able to list them after buying the membership and completing the verification procedure. However, to get the most from your account, they should follow these tips: 1. Complete Your profile and keep it up-to-date – the profile of your company is available to every buyer at the platform, so you should provide them with all important information about your wholesale, and the products you are offering for sale.    2. List new offers regularly, keep the previous ones up-to-date – it is highly recommended to list offers as often as possible. The more offers you will list, the more buyers will contact you. Besides, each of your offers is sent within our daily newsletter with the latest products, so the more regular you are, the bigger the reach of your offers will be. Also, please do not forget about your previous offers, and update them whenever something changes (i.e. price, payment options, or the minimum to purchase).   3. Prepare good descriptions, add images – before a buyer will visit your profile, he will probably view some of your offers. Because of that, you should take a moment to create a good and reliable description of your product. Enter all important information about the wholesale lot, and don’t be afraid to mention some imperfections. After all, besides the buyers of A-Ware goods, there are B-Ware, C-Ware and Retour-Ware buyers too. Also, please avoid general statements in both the title, and the description of your offer. Be specific and reliable while describing products, use the names of the brands or models, provide buyers with basic specifications of your stock for sale, point out every important information (i.e. missing boxes, scratches or dents). A good title and description should also mention the type of the stock for sale, such as the liquidation stock, surplus stock, ex lease products etc. Another important thing is to upload the authentic pictures of the wholesale lot, whenever it is possible. The authentic pictures not only look better, but also prove, that you actually own the stock, and this is very important fact for most of the buyers.   4. Add your offers in other languages – it will highly increase the number of potential buyers for your products. You can translate your offers using Google, Yandex, Bing. A list of the most popular translate features: Google Translate:> –  Bing Translator:>>   –  Yandex.Translate:>>

4. How to add an offer at EURO OUTLET?

To add an offer, You have to be a member of EURO OUTLET, and verify Your company with us. To start verification, just upload the required documents within Your user’s account, or send them via email. As soon as the verification procedure will be completed with a positive result, You will have Your selling options activated, and You will be able to list unlimited number of offers.

5. How can I contact wholesalers?

Once you fill out the registration form, you will get the access to online payment option via Paypal, and our bank account details for wire transfer option.  Please, bear in mind that your user account will remain inactive until your payment on our bank account is recorded. Once your account is activated, the login and password will be sent to your email address. New users accounts are being activated during our working hours,  i.e. 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If you want us to activate your account before recording your payment on our bank account, please send us the payment confirmation via email:

6. How EURO OUTLET verifies the wholesalers?

Every wholesale dealer undergoes verification before being added to our wholesalers’ database. Our staff checks the company’s reliability and verifies its documents. Such verification procedure guarantees that all of the platform users can be 100% sure that the companies offering here their overstocks, clearance stocks and stock lots really exist. Passing our verification procedure is a prerequisite if a company wants to list its offers on platform. Thanks to verification procedure system, the buyers are able to check the wholesalers’ credibility and reliability before purchasing their merchandise.

7. How can I advertise my offers at EURO OUTLET?

As a seller, you are able to list unlimited number of offers. Listing them regularly is a key thing to find as many buyers as possible. Moreover, the more offer you list, the more buyers will contact you. Offers are therefore a sort of advertisement of your company within platform. Still, to get more attention from buyers, you might also consider purchasing some of the advertising options: Week’s best offer – Your offer will be rotationally presented in Week’s Best Offer box at homepage for 7 days. According to our data, this option will give your offer the best exposition. Top Offers – Your offer will be rotationally presented in Top offers box at homepage for 7 days. Distinction at offers’ list – Your offer will be highlighted within the offers’ list at homepage for 30 days.

8. What are the key benefits of accessing EURO OUTLET as a buyer?

B2B trading platform brings together wholesalers and volume buyers from many different countries. Each day, new wholesalers, brokers, distributors, and purchasers join  to buy or sell liquidation stocks, clearance stocks, surplus stocks, end of line stocks etc. The main purpose of our trading platform is to easily connect reliable buyers and sellers. Thanks to our intuitive website and easy to use a search engine, finding the right products and wholesalers is very easy. Access to the database of verified wholesalers: After creating an account and completing the payment of the membership fee, a user is given 12-months access to the wholesalers’ database. The profile of each wholesale includes the address, phone numbers, email address and website’s url. To reduce the risk of buying the wholesale products online, wholesalers at are always verified by us, before they will be added to the database. EURO OUTLET B2B trading platform is, therefore, a complete solution, which helps you in growing your business network, and finding the wholesale products you need.

9. Why is it a good choice to translate my offers to list them on EURO OUTLET?

If you add your offers in other languages – it will highly increase the number of potential buyers for your products. You can translate your offers using Google, Yandex, Bing. A list of the most popular translate features Google Translate:> –  Bing Translator:>>   –  Yandex.Translate:>>

10. How to pay for EURO OUTLET Business or Premium account?

All of the payment options accepted by us are available within the last step of creating a EURO OUTLET account. Once You complete it, just click the “Register” button at the bottom of the form. You will then be directed to the checkout, with the payment options listed below: * Paypal – You can pay using Your Paypal balance, or one of the cards connected with Your Paypal account. If You do not have a Paypal account, then You will still be able to pay with Your card, but the system will create an account for You, during the payment.* Wire transfer – payment over the bank, from Your bank account, to our bank account. All payment information is available once You CONTACT US via email or WhatsApp/Viber +38765629266

11. Contacting EURO OUTLET Customer Service Team

All members of EURO OUTLET trading platform can count on the professional help of our Customer Service Team. If You have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are offering You 4 basic forms of communication with us: over the phone, Skype, Viber, via email. 

12. Why my offer has been blocked?

Contact details in the offer – You are not allowed to disclose any of Your contact information in Your offers, uploaded files and images, including watermarks on the images. This applies to any information, which will help in contacting You by people, who do not have users’ accounts at Euro Outlet platform. It is simply against our rules and may result in blocking the offer. Of course, we are always trying to contact our members and ask them to modify their offers, to have them re-listed at the website. We always try to find the most convenient solution for the problems like these.

13. General information for sellers

General information: 1. Selling options are given to the users only, who owe or represent registered businesses and will send us their companies’ documents for verification procedure. Selling options are being activated after verification of copies of VAT registration certificate (or other tax registration certificate, if You are not registered for VAT) and company registration certificate.  Selling options enable users to list their products. An access to the selling options is an optional feature of an account, and it will expire on the expiration date of the account. 2. According to the accepted Terms & conditions, the claim for having seller options activated is excluded. EURO OUTLET reserves the right to exclude the user during registration, and at any time during the subscription, especially for security reasons, and without giving any reason for instance.

 14. The rules of listing offer at EURO OUTLET

The rules of listing offers:

1. The offer, its description, title, uploaded files and pictures, cannot include any of Your contact details, including Your company name and logo. The watermark of a picture cannot consist of these information too.

2. Euro Outlet does not guarantee that the offer will be presented on the website’s homepage.

3. In case of notorious violation of these rules, Euro Outlet reserves the right to remove all of the user’s offers and suspend his or her selling options temporarily or permanently.

4. The possible grades of stock are A-Ware, B-Ware, C-Ware, Retour-Ware. The grades explanation is listed below. Please comply with these definitions.


A-Ware – products that are brand new, sold in original packages. Liquidation sales, bankrupt stocks, end of line stocks, closeout stocks, and many more. In the majority of cases, these goods are sold under manufacturer’s or supplier’s warranty. Nevertheless, the warranty duration and its conditions are not the same for all the products graded as A-Ware.

B-Ware – commodities that are new or used, ex demo or ex lease, refurbished or recertified. The articles must be 100% working, sold in original packages or plain boxes. Some of these products come with 12 month warranty. Nonetheless, the warranty is usually valid for 30 days.

C-Ware – damaged goods that usually have some small and easy to repair electric defects. Within this group, you will find items that are new but damaged, as well as some exploited products. The commodities have been tested, and as they have not yet been repaired, they are being sold for just a fracture of recommended retail price, and without a warranty.

Retour-Ware – mixed products from B-ware and C-ware groups, although sometimes including A-ware goods too. Mostly, these are untested customer returns that are sold without a warranty, or without an option of their returning. Since the Retour-Ware grade is used for untested wholesale commodities, their actual condition is unknown.

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